Last Update: August 2020

This privacy policy aims to cover all aspects concerning the data processing of the different users and individuals who browse or use the services offered by DocSignX.

At DocSignX we want to offer you a secure and reliable browsing experience and service. For that reason, we have implemented this privacy policy which complies with regulatory framework of the regions in which we operate as stated in our Legal Framework section (link)

1.1. Where do we collect your personal data?

a).- Via the contact form on the Website
For any queries or enquires on how the services, platform or anything else works, you can contact DOCSIGNX via the contact form which can be found on the Website. You must enter your first name, surname(s), and email address into this form for us to be able to contact you, along with any other data we may require from you that you wish to include in your message to us.

b).- Via our Support link
You can contact DOCSIGNX via the contact form located in our support link which can be found on the Website. You must enter your first name, surname(s), and email address into this form for us to be able to contact you, along with any other data we may require from you that you wish to include in your message to us.

c).- When you register as a client
After completing the Client registration process, you will have a private profile or access to one within the solution or the platform, where you can view a record of signings made, documents sent, and their status. In order to access the platform and/or manage any procedure to be carried out between the User and the platform owner, you must submit specific personal data, such as name and surname, telephone number, company, and email address when registering for the platform.

d).- When the User is the recipient of an email sent via our platform

Your data is collected when the issuer or platform client enters your name and contact email address as the recipient of the information or document he/she is sending via DOCSIGNX. Before replying, the recipient User will be notified of the Privacy Policy which is applicable to them.

e).- Via our corporate email address
As the User, you can contact DOCSIGNX at our email address [email protected] for various reasons, such as, for example, to request clarification on any queries you may have on our services or how our platform or blog, amongst other elements, works.

f).- Via social media

We may collect your data from your User profile on the social media we use at DOCSIGNX, which is detailed in section 1.9 of this policy.

1.2. What is the aim and/or purpose of collecting this data?

The purpose of data collection in all the areas mentioned in the previous section is to ensure direct and personalized communication with our Users. Therefore, we will use your data to answer your enquiries or provide the information you have requested from us, manage your requests, and inform you of activities which we think may be of interest to you.

In order to comply with legal obligations, Users will never receive information from third parties without prior notice and their due consent.

On the other hand, when the advanced electronic signature is used to sign a document, the necessary biometric data will be collected to verify the identity of the person signing the document, as expert evidence. DOCSIGNX will adopt all necessary mechanisms to safeguard this information in accordance with the provisions of data protection regulations.

1.3. Use of personal data

DOCSIGNX informs its Users that the personal data they provide to us will be processed by DOCSIGNX. Specifically, personal data gathered by the means stated in Section 1 of this Privacy Policy will be processed for the following purposes and in accordance with the previous section.

  1. To address and answer requests or queries made by Users.
  2. To provide information on new products and activities which we may be undertaking at DOCSIGNX.
  3. To send information which may be of interest to the User.
  4. To manage the commercial relationship and/or provide the service.
  5. To issue invoices and receive payments for the services, as well as normal client management.
  6. To send communications for DOCSIGNX’s advertising and/or sales prospecting purposes.
  7. To provide the trust services.

To inform you about your data regarding the following: (i) your data will not be used for any other purposes than for those we establish in this policy; (ii) said information will be suitably held on a secure and separate server.

To advise you that the information you provide on the Website may reveal or allow others to determine your nationality, ethnicity, sex, age, or other aspects of your private life. Therefore, as this information has been made available completely voluntarily in all areas of the platform, you expressly and voluntarily accept this Privacy Policy.

1.4. Sharing information with third parties

As established in the previous sections, DOCSIGNX will not disclose User data to third parties. If DOCSIGNX wishes to transfer your data to a third party, we could only do so after gaining your consent in accordance with the relevant legal obligations specified for such cases.

1.5. Unambiguous consent for processing your data

In order to comply with the provisions of the GDPR and in accordance with our internal policies, you must grant your express and unambiguous consent by clicking on the check box found at the bottom of each form regarding the collection of data every time you give us personal data.

When you contact us at our email address you expressly accept that DOCSIGNX may collect your data for the purposes or requests that you have submitted to us, in free and unambiguous acceptance that DOCSIGNX may process your data for the purposes described in previous sections.

This will also be applicable when you accept the conditions of the platform at the appropriate stage and/or sign a document sent to you via our solution. Nevertheless, and to be as transparent as possible, in advanced electronic signature requests, we request express consent for the processing of this biometric data which will be encrypted in the document and which may not be used by DocSignX under any circumstances, without prejudice to the exceptions envisioned by said regulations on personal data protection, such as legal obligations.

Users guarantee that the personal data provided to DOCSIGNX is accurate and up to date, and undertake, in turn, to give notice of any changes to their data. Likewise, Users are responsible for processed data such as the names and/or email addresses of recipients. Therefore, DOCSIGNX will not be responsible for non-delivery as a result of error in the data given or for any reason attributable to the issuing User.

Consent for processing your personal data for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy may be withdrawn and is not retroactive in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.

1.6. Other requirements and details

The services, access to the contents, and the products on offer on this Website are exclusively limited to adults aged 18 or older. Consequently, DOCSIGNX will not be held liable for any damages suffered by the User or by third parties who may be adversely affected by identity theft or any other negative consequences brought about by violations of this condition by the User. For this reason, DOCSIGNX expressly states that any person supplying his/her personal data declares and confirms that he/she is of minimum age. Therefore, subscribing to DOCSIGNX’s services and the corresponding entry of personal data is prohibited when it concerns minors.

We inform Users that, unless specifically stated otherwise, it is necessary to enter all the data required into the forms which can be found on the Website and other associated platforms.

If all the data deemed necessary is not supplied, DOCSIGNX may, at its discretion, not process your request.

1.7. On your rights to access, rectify, restrict, oppose processing, data portability and erasure

DOCSIGNX guarantees this right by providing Users with the necessary means to
exercise their rights to Access, Rectify, Restrict, Oppose processing, Data Portability, and Erasure at any time they feel is appropriate. Therefore, Users may request to exercise the rights described via the email address [email protected] which DOCSIGNX has set up for this purpose

Docsignx will provide the following to adhere to regulation:

  • Access:
    By exercising this right you may learn what personal data of yours is being processed by DOCSIGNX: its purpose, origin, and any possible transfer to third parties.
  • Rectify:
    This enables you to alter the personal data which is not accurate or complete it by specifying which data you want to alter in your request.
  • Restrict:
    This enables you to restrict the use of your personal data on the grounds that it is inadequate or excessive.
  • Oppose:
    The right to oppose allows you to oppose processing your data for purposes such as: marketing activities and sales prospecting or when said processing is for the purpose of making a decision about you based solely on the automated processing of your personal data.
  • Data portability:
    You may receive your personal data in structured, commonly used, and machine readable formats, and transfer it to another data controller, provided that it is technically possible.
  • Erasure:
    You may request that your personal data be deleted immediately if any of the scenarios listed take place. For example, illegal data processing, or when the original purpose for which the data was processed or collected no longer applies.

Additionally, and for the purpose of the corresponding data processing, DOCSIGNX will hold and manage personal data with the greatest possible diligence and apply the same principles of data limitation and minimization.

Also, the user may submit a claim related to the exercise of their rights of access, rectification, erasure, data portability and limitation, and opposition to its processing, in addition to not being subject to decisions based solely on the automated processing of their data, when appropriate.

1.8 Security measures in data collection

  1. In order to make our Website as secure as possible, DOCSIGNX ensures the confidentiality and integrity of User data which has been sent or collected via the means described in the first section. Therefore, DOCSIGNX upholds the levels of data security and protection to avoid the loss, improper use, alteration, unauthorized access, and theft of the data that the Users provide via the platform.
  2. Likewise, and in awareness of the importance Users place on the documents they may send, DOCSIGNX undertakes to inform Users of any circumstances which may endanger the confidentiality and availability of both said documents and their data, as well as to adopt all measures in its power to resolve any incident as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, the previous obligation will not be enforceable when reporting the incident to Users may pose a greater risk to the processed data or documentation. Specific measures put in place by DOCSIGNX:

  • All access to DOCSIGNX is carried out on secure connections via a https security certificate.
  • All digital documents saved in DOCSIGNX will be filed in encrypted storage.
  • The access password to DOCSIGNX will be filed in encrypted storage whilst it remains active.
  • In order to guarantee the confidentiality, accessibility, and availability of stored files, they will be held on distributed and replicated systems at DOCSIGNX.

4. Personal data provided on the Website or during registration and/or setting up the services will be processed by DOCSIGNX for the purposes of delivering the services, as well as to send, by any means, including email, product and/or service offers from the company, improve the commercial relationship and manage client requests.

5. Data and User consent collection methods are found in this document, but the User and/or client should be aware that DOCSIGNX uses cloud services. This means that it has access to its servers in the client area.

6. DOCSIGNX may hire the services of third parties for the provision of specific services which, with the aim of being able to provide the User with our services, may entail access to and storage of your data or documents by third parties. In any case, this access will not be considered as sharing User data with third parties by DOCSIGNX, as in this case DOCSIGNX acts in
accordance within the parameters of the local regulation of the regions in which operates.

7. To this effect, DOCSIGNX informs you that, in compliance with the legal
obligations stipulated for these scenarios and in the interests of User security, it will enter into the corresponding confidentiality agreements with third parties to whom it provides its services. Said agreements will detail, amongst others, the purposes of processing, data access requirements, security measures to be adopted, and the commitments and obligations that the parties involved in the processing of the personal data in question will assume.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, as a User of our Website, Users agree and acknowledge that they understand that internet security measures are not impregnable and that, therefore, they also agree and acknowledge that they will adopt the necessary security measures to be able to trust in the reliability of the Website in which they enter their data. For its part, DOCSIGNX will also do everything possible to guarantee the privacy
and security of the identifying data at all times by always exercising the utmost diligence and implementing all the necessary measures.

Thus, we inform you that you, as the User, will be solely responsible for the security measures you implement with regard to the protection of your personal data. DOCSIGNX will not be liable for circumstances brought about by not having implemented these corresponding security measures or the lack of diligence from the User. Nor will it be liable for lawsuits or damages caused by third parties not related to DOCSIGNX, including circumstances of chance and/or events of force majeure.

In accordance with the foregoing, DOCSIGNX cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be aware of the type, conditions, characteristics, and circumstances of Users’ use of the services offered on the platform. However, our Legal Notice details a series of conditions of use which aim to mitigate these risks.

1.9. Social media policy

DOCSIGNX has a business profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that DOCSIGNX is, in these cases, the “Data processor of your data” and may “follow” your activity and be “followed”.

This means that, when you decide to follow our business profile as a “follower” or by “liking” our content or profile, you automatically accept this privacy policy, through which you are suitably informed of your data protection rights as well as how your data will be used.

Regarding the aforementioned processing of personal data and as the Data Controller of said data, DOCSIGNX guarantees that it will adopt all the necessary measures to protect confidentiality in data processing and the protection of your rights in accordance with the information laid out in this document and other related notices available on the Website.

On the other hand, you are also informed of the use DOCSIGNX makes of social media to publish news and relevant information on the services it offers, as well as on other issues which it considers may be of interest to its Users. Therefore, you are informed that by using said platforms you may receive communications containing this type of information on your wall or profile.

Additionally, we inform you that there is no link between DOCSIGNX and said platforms or social networks. Therefore, when you register on them and/or accept their notices and terms and conditions during the registration process, or any other form of processing the Users’ data that they stipulate, you are bound by the policy and conditions of use established by said platforms. DOCSIGNX is not responsible for the use or processing of data carried out by said platforms as it does not occur within the strict relationship and provision of services stated in this policy.


2.1. DOCSIGNX as the data processor

As the data processor, DOCSIGNX informs Users whose data it processes that the
personal data they provide will be stored by DOCSIGNX for the purpose of providing the services that the User purchased or specified. This entails sending set information on specific documentation or verifying set data relating to sending and/or delivering said documentation, such as the confirmation of receipt of a specific email by a User, signing sent documentation, verification of the identity of the parties involved, verification of the date or time of signing, or the location where the document or information was signed or validated.

On this matter, DOCSIGNX will not use your data for any other purpose not outlined in this policy, and undertakes to store it and act in the interests of complying with the security measures established for electronic trust service providers and data protection and privacy as stipulated by the applicable laws, excluding the processing stated below.

2.2. DOCSIGNX as the data controller

In accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice,
DOCSIGNX will also be responsible for the data of visiting Users or registered Users, who receive information, insofar as their data may be stored and processed for the purposes of sending information relating to DOCSIGNX, its activities, promotions, latest news or other types of communications for advertising purposes or for sales prospecting which it considers may be of interest to the User. In all cases and as stated previously, Users may unsubscribe from said emails or the information they receive by following the steps established in section 1.7, which are also applicable to this
processing. In all cases, Users will be given a detailed description of what they need to do or can do to consent to these forms of data processing.


If, as established in point i) of section 1.1, you access DOCSIGNX’s services via your service provider, you must read the information and privacy policy on the data processing carried out by said service provider and give your express consent where applicable.

As established by the provisions of current data protection legislation and with regard to scenarios such as the above, DOCSIGNX will act as the Data Processor of your data. Therefore, it will not use your data for any other purposes other than those established by this Main Provider. This means it will adhere to all the purposes established by the Main Provider and use the applicable security measures.


DOCSIGNX uses first and third-party cookies to track and improve certain features and services.


DOCSIGNX reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to future legislative or legal changes, as well as for any uses it may plan to make in the future for a User’s personal data collected on the Website or from the trust services. If said changes affect you regarding processing your data, for example, if additional data processing is planned which you had not been given prior notice about, you will be duly notified


This privacy policy is complemented by the Legal Notice which are published on this Website


In accordance with the above-mentioned provisions of this Privacy Policy, you accept the following types of processing of your personal data:

7.1. As a visitor User and/or when requesting information

Processing for the purpose of answering requests or queries that you may have sent to us via the channels available on our platform, which were adequately described at the beginning of this document.

7.2. As a registered User

In this case, processing will be carried out for the purpose of providing you with the service you requested, answering any queries or enquires you may have about the platform, providing you with information on our services or the conditions which apply to them, as well as managing the commercial relationship and issuing invoices and receiving payments for the services.

7.3. As a recipient User receiving a document or information sent by a third party via our platform

The processing carried out by DOCSIGNX in this case aims to validate the information that you may have received and/or accepted and/or signed via our platform.

7.4. As a follower on social media

Processing for the purpose of managing and publishing content or information linked to our company or collaborators that may appear on your profiles or walls which we think may be of interest to you